Sunday, May 29, 2011

PayPal is coming soon !!!

I've had a lot of requests for PayPal so expect to see this feature added to the blog later this week. Also I'm going to extend the pre registration fees through the month of June to help save you some money. : )


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Designing good missions for competitive 40k tournaments

I write for Bells of the Lost Souls and had this article of mine published this week. I would like to share it here...

Lets talk about designing a good and well balanced mission for a competitive track 40k tournament. We'll focus on straight up 40k from the rulebook, not Apocalypse, campaigns or other systems.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next Level Painting, our newest sponsor !

Airbrushed Miniatures Commissions
Next Level Painting (CLICK HERE !!)

I am very excited to announce that my very good friend Kenny Boucher has agreed to sponsor Beaky Con. Kenny has his own business painting miniatures and works out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of the awards we will be handing out is you send Kenny a pre assembled vehicle and he will paint it for you free of charge as per your own personal specifications (note that Apocalypse classed super heavies and fliers are not covered).

Here is a Blood Crusher by Kenny...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

40k GT Mission Format

Hello everyone !

I would like to go over the scoring system and mission format for the 40k GT.

GT Scoring System
There will be five to six rounds played over the weekend to produce one player who is undefeated and will claim the coveted title of Warmaster. If you go undefeated the first day then you will play in the golden bracket on the second day for a shot at the title of Warmaster. Don't worry though if you lose a game or two you will then play in the diamond bracket the second day for a shot at the Best General award. There will also be awards for the following categories:

Best Army (judged by the tournament organizers)
Player's Choice (judged by the players)
Best Sport

Each round will be 2.5 hours with a half hour break in between and an one hour break each day for lunch. The tournament is 2000 points. There is no composition and sportsmanship scores have no effect on the awards for Warmaster and Best General as this is a competitive track tournament.

Mission System
Each mission will have three objectives (for example, kill points, Capture and Control, table quarters, etc.). Whoever wins the most objectives wins the mission. If there is a draw on all three objectives then the winner is decided by pure victory points. Each mission will automatically go six turns with a final seventh turn on a roll of 4+. You record how many objectives you scored as well as victory points each round.

Note that we will be handing out some black Vegas style poker chips with our red beaky logo for you to use as your objective markers plus some really cool Beaky dice as well!