Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beaky Dice Orders

Here is a list of everyone who has placed an order for bricks (six dice per brick) of Beaky Dice:

Alex Aguila (1 BRICK)
Jason Driver (1 BRICK)
Rob Carr (1 BRICK)
Scott Hutchens (2 BRICKS)
Scott Lester (1 BRICK)

You can pick them up when you register.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New tabletops

This year we will have new tabletops. We just finished prepping them this morning.

:  )

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Illegal Army Lists

We have discovered that a few of the lists we have received are illegal (e.g., 2000 points, unreadable files, etc.). You will be contacted this evening via email and have until Thursday to resubmit a legal list (e.g., 1999 points or less, no illegal wargear, etc.). Your army list will also be rechecked during registration for correctness. Note we don't want to see resubmitted lists that have been completely redesigned - just fix what's wrong. Thanks.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Army list still needed-Ryan Marsh

One list was lost in the shuffle. I still need an army list from Ryan Marsh.

Thanks !!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Google Docs are open to the public

Here is a link where you can download and view the rules and two sample missions for the GT via Google Docs. You don't have to create a membership to view these files.  :  )

BeakyCon2 Rules & Sample Missions

The rules document will explain in detail how each mission will work. The sample missions will give you a good idea how objective based missions work but note there may some differences to the actual missions. This will allow you to play some games to prepare for the GT.

Let me know if you have any questions or have comments you'd like to share.

Shiver me Timbers... Itz duh Orky Cruiser !!

Some of the amazing terrain you'll see at BeakyCon2 this year courtesy of Chris Winans !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get WRECKED with Spikey Bits at BeakyCon2 !!

This just in - two variety packs of wrecked vehicle templates from Spikey Bits by Aaron Hagney...

These heavy duty solid plastic templates come with full paint and are split into two groups. One made to fit the vehicles of the Imperium (8 pieces) and a second that represents vehicles of the Xenos races (9 pieces).

This prize package donated by Spikey Bits can be found on their website in the near future. So keep a eye on to order your own if you cant win them at BeakyCon2 first.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Army Counts by Players • Top to Bottom

- Grey Knights -
01. Aggro
02. Ian Beard
03. Thomas Burton
04. Wes Chamblee
05. Scott Lester
06. Ryan Marsh
07. Zachary McLeod
08. Carlos Morales
09. Benjamin Polmear

- Necrons -
01. Remy Colin
02. Scott Hutchens
03. Stuart King
04. Alberto Narvaez
05. Kris Prusac
06. Craig Sniffen
07. Kai Sterling
08. Robert Stevenson
09. Kurt Williams
10. Teddy Woody

- Space Marines -
01. Justin Allman
02. Rob Carr
03.  Manuel Ugarte
04.  Robert Paredes
05. Cesar Vasquez
06. Clark Welch

- Chaos Daemons -
01. Chris Anderson
02. Kenny Boucher
03. Aaron Hagney
04. Jimmy Hoppes
05. Nathan Maurer
06. Jason Sniffen

- Imperial Guard -
01. Blake
02. Sam Durbin
03. Blake Gerber
04. Adam Alessandrini
05. Cameron Zareie

- Space Wolves -
01. Rich Banks
02. Carter Leach
03. Ray Ortega
04. Brian Poole
05. Joseph Sledge

- Chaos Space Marines -
01. Justin McCord
02. Mark Kocenko
03. Brandon McSween
04. Fatty Jay

- Tyranids -
01. John Lennon
02. Phillip Morales
03. Heather Runyan

- Blood Angels -
01. Alex Aguila
02. Nick Maxwell
03. Gabe Dobkins
04. Bryan Rawls

- Dark Angels -
01. John Hopkins
02. Curt Oliveira

- Tau -
01. Luis Alcala
02. Norse Hutchens

- Sister of Battle -
01. Jake Harai
02. Jason Driver

- Orks -
01. Marc Parker
02. Chris Winans

- Dark Eldar -
01. Ryan Kirby
02. Bruce Merker

- Eldar -
01. Mason Martindale
02. Devin Schafer

Friday, September 14, 2012

Resubmitting your army list

Today is the last day you can resubmit your army list if you would like to make any modifications. We will not accept any army lists after today.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Army Counts & more rules questions

Here is the rough count for armies that will be present -

Blood Angels - 3
Chaos Daemons - 6
Chaos Space Marines - 4
Dark Angels - 3
Dark Eldar - 2
Eldar - 2
Grey Knights - 12
Imperial Guard - 4
Necrons - 10
Orks - 2
Sisters of Battle - 2
Space Marines - 4
Space Wolves - 4
Tau - 2
Tyranids - 3

So the two big armies will be Grey Knights and Necrons - no surprise there. By the odds you can count on facing either Grey Knights or Necrons one third of your games. The third highest concentration is Chaos Daemons... Seems like they are seeing a bit of a resurgence again.

More notes on rules questions:

- If a Nightscythe is destroyed then its occupants are put back in reserve and do not suffer from the Crash & Burn rule.

- The Doomscythe death ray does not have to draw LoS to enemy units and the first point can be placed anywhere within 12" of the gun mount.

Random Spot Checks:
Note that the TOs may perform random spots for army list verification. If you are selected during a game the TOs will check your army you are playing versus your actual army list.

That's all for now.

Friday, September 7, 2012


The FAQs were released today for the rule book as well as all the codices. You can resubmit your army list once on September 14. Do not resubmit prior or you may lose the opportunity.

We will always go with the most recent GW ruling - this is in regards to the many FAQs released today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have heard that the latest release of Army Builder includes the option to take flak missiles for some units. Unless there is official documentation from GW to support this our ruling is no flakk missiles - so we would either have to see this supported in a GW codex, FAQ or Errata. Note that White Dwarf battle reports don't count.

In regards to any unit that has a dedicated transport that must start in reserve (e.g., drop pod) - neither the unit nor the transport counts towards the number of units that must start the game deployed on the table. You must have at least one unit that starts on the table (with the exception of Chaos Daemons) or else it is an automatic loss - note that an automatic loss due to being tabled occurs at the end of a game cycle (not turn).

Flying monstrous creatures count as gliding once they fail a grounding test for the rest of that turn. If an FMC is in glide mode it does not have to take any grounding tests.

Two of the top prizes we will be giving away are Battlefoam gift vouchers for up to $250 each.

Finally we cannot except any more orders for Beaky dice as the final order was placed some time ago.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Calculating Victory Points

GW no longer uses victory points in 6th edition so there aren't any references in the new rulebook. Victory points are scored based upon the points cost for each unit as appropriate.

Victory points are always calculated at the end of the game.

These are your victory points per table quarter you score for your scoring and denial units.

•Units of One (e.g., Mephiston), Independent Characters and Monstrous Creatures
If your unit loses one half or more than its starting wounds by the end of the game it counts as one half victory points, otherwise if it's above it counts as full victory points. For the case of a squad of monstrous creatures or characters (e.g., Carnifexen or Paladins) this is applied to the squad on a per model basis.

•Infantry, Bikes, Beasts and Calvary
If your infantry unit is above half strength it counts as full victory points, otherwise it counts as one half victory points unless it's destroyed.

•Emplaced Guns, Fortifications and Vehicles
These can never score nor deny.

Any unit that is destroyed, broken, fleeing or not on the table at the end of the game does not count for victory points.

These are the victory points you score for destroying enemy units. Destroyed enemy units always count as full victory points including Lone Wolves.

•Units of One (e.g., Castellan Crowe), Independent Characters and Monstrous Creatures
If the enemy unit loses one half or more than its starting number of wounds by the end of the game it counts as one half victory points. For the case of a squad of monstrous creatures or characters (e.g., Carnifexen or Paladins) this is applied to the squad on a per model basis.

•Infantry, Bikes, Beasts and Calvary
If an infantry unit is at one half their starting size or below they count as one half victory points.

If a vehicle loses half or more than its starting number of hull points then it counts as one half victory points. This is also applied to vehicle squadrons on a per vehicle basis.

•Emplaced Guns and Fortifications
If an enemy Bastion is destroyed it counts as full victory points. If you control your opponent's Aegis Defense line (and emplaced weapon as appropriate) with a scoring or denial unit it counts as full victory points. You must be within 3" or less of either with no contesting enemy units in contesting range to claim these victory points.

Any enemy unit that is not on the table, broken or fleeing at the end of the game counts for full victory points.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

BeakyCon2 Sold Out

We are sold out now so we are going to a waiting list. If you want to play send an email to requesting to be placed on the waiting list. We will notify you if you a slot opens.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st Update

We have received over 90% of the army lists for registered players. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their lists on time.

Army lists we have received and have been verified appear in the column over on the left side of the blog.

The lists below show:

- Who still needs to send their lists
- Whose lists we have received but not yet verified

Don't wait to send in your list! If you have sent your list but don't see your name under the received list then go ahead and resend your list again.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in their lists already !!!

Army Lists Received (Not Yet Verified)
Adam Alessandrini-Imperial Guard
Remy Colin-Necrons
Kenny Boucher-Daemons
Gabe Dobkins-Blood Angels
Jason Driver-Sisters of Battle
John Hopkins-Deathwing
Mark Kocenko-Chaos Space Marines
Ryan Marsh-Grey Knights
Brandon McSween-Chaos Space Marines
Robert Paredes-Deathwing
Joseph Sledge-Space Wolves
Cesar Vazquez-Space Marines
Cameron Zareie-Imperial Guard

Alex Aguila (1 BRICK)
Jason Driver (1 BRICK)
Rob Carr (1 BRICK)
Scott Hutchens (2 BRICKS)
Scott Lester (1 BRICK)
Teddy Woody (1 BRICK)

Army Lists Are Due Today !!

Don't wait.