Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre Registration Discounts

Hi everyone !

We want to give you the most value for your money! You as a customer should be able to play in an awesome gaming environment on fantastic tables for a very reasonable price and there should be great prize support. Official registration does not begin until June but you now have an opportunity to pre register in advance and will be given a discount on the price. We are also giving group discounts as well.

40k GT Pre Registration Fee (individual): $45
40k GT Pre Registration Fee (groups of 3 to 4): $40/player
40k GT Pre Registration Fee (club rate, 5 or more): $35/player

The GT runs on both Saturday and Sunday. The price will be $50 per player once registration opens.

40k Combat Patrol Pre Registration Fee (individual): $15

We will run separate Combat Patrol events on both days. The price will be $25 per player once registration opens.

If you are interested and want to pre register then contact me at:

moodhoney @ yahoo . com

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome !!!

Welcome to the home of BeakyCon!!!

I am proud to announce the new 40k GT will be held on October 29 - 30 at the Marriott Hotel in the Tampa airport. If you are coming from outside the state of Florida you can fly in and never have to set foot outside the airport. The Marriott also has it's own parking garage if you want to drive. We will have some hot coffee to start off each day.

40k GT, Our System, Awards
The main event is the 40k GT (2000 points) which will run over both days and we are also planning to run a 40k Combat Patrol event as well. The format for the GT is based on the NOVA and WargamesCon competition systems; that is, there will be enough rounds played to determine the best general based upon their overall score for objectives gained each round. You will have the opportunity to play both days in the GT - there will one award for the overall best general (Warmaster) and another for second place. There will also be awards for Best Sportsmanship, Best Army and a Player's Choice award as well.

Our main sponsors are Games Workshop and Anthem Games (right out of Tampa) plus we are looking for some vendor support from great gaming companies such as Battlefoam.

Registration and E-Memos
General registration for the public should open next month and we will be sending monthly e-memos to keep you abreast of the latest details.

We hope to see you there!

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