Thursday, July 11, 2013

BeakyCon3 Green Dice

Every year I have people not playing in the GT who want to purchase these dice. They are only for those who play in the GT. I think they are the best dice on the circuit and are a signature item. This year everyone who plays will get six of these plus a load of the Bombardment Dice that Games Workshop released for Apocalypse. Enjoy !

Sunday, July 7, 2013

BeakyCon3 Prep Tourney - August 3rd - Anthem Games (Tampa)

There is a request from several local gamers to hold a BeakyCon3 prep tourney at Anthem Games in Tampa on August 3rd. Here's how it works...

2250 points
Double FOC
Up to one fortification

You can take Forge World units from two of their newer books:

• Imperial Armor Apocalypse 2nd Edition
• Aeronautica

These units must have the 40k Approved stamp. No Lucius pattern assault pods or Hades Breeching Drills. You must bring the actual Forge World models and their most up-to-date rules.

We will use some of the sample missions for BeakyCon3. You can find them here:

2.5 hours per round with three rounds total. It's a W-L format with tie breakers.