Sunday, July 17, 2011

BeakyCon GT missions and overall scoring system

Here is how all missions will work for each round:

Alpha - Seize Ground (3 markers)
Bravo - Capture & Control
Charlie - Annihilation

You win the mission by scoring the most objectives. If there is an overall draw on objectives then the winner is decided by pure victory points. If by some rare twist of fate there is also a draw on victory points then there are measures to decide the winner - such as play another turn for that game. Note there is a winner each round.

The markers for Seize Ground can be placed 6" from a table edge. All mission special rules are in place such as Deep Strike and Outflank.

Each mission will use one of the standard deployment options such as Dawn of War.

Swiss Pairings
The first round on Day One will use random pairings then all other rounds will use the Swiss Sysyem.

Number of Turns
There are six turns then a seventh on a roll of 4+ on 1d6. Each round will last 2.5 hours. Don't start a turn both players can't finish... Always leave yourself and your opponent at least 15 minutes to complete a full turn. You will have to record how many rounds you played each round to track slow play.

Everyone will play three rounds the first day. The four players to go undefeated the first day will be placed into the Gladitoral Bracket at the start of the second day. They will play two rounds to determine who is the one overall undefeated player and will be crowned Warmaster (Best General). The rest will be placed in the consolidation bracket and play three rounds the second day. This second bracket will have the award for Best Overall (combination of hard scores and soft scores). Best Army, Players' Choice and Best Sportsman will be decided by votes.

All models must be WYSIWYG. If you think you might have model(s) that isn't WYSIWYG then contact me. Any model can be removed from play at the discretion of the TOs if there is an obvious WYSIWYG violation.

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