Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notes on BeakyCon scoring system

Here is how scoring will work for the missions:

A win is worth ten points. Each objective is worth one point. Victory points are only used for tie breakers. So for example if you win a game and take all three objectives you would score a total of 13 points that round (maximum). On the other hand if you only manage to win by victory points then you'd score 10 points that round.

Victory points will be scored using the rules from 4th edition. You will receive a set of these rules in your gaming pack when you register at the GT.

WYSIWYG will be fully enforced. If you field a unit that is not compliant it can be removed at the discretion of a judge. Contact me if you have any questions.

You must bring eight copies of your army list. All army lists must be typed and printed showing a complete breakdown for each unit. Please don't bring any hand written army lists. If an army is found to be illegal you aren't eligible to win any awards.

Swiss pairings will be used for each round and you won't have to play the same person twice.

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