Monday, May 11, 2015

BeakyCon5 Format and Rules

- This year the format is very simple:

Armies must be battle forged. There are no restrictions on the number of sources, detachments or formations.

Forgeworld 40k units are allowed but not Forgeworld armies.

Armies are 1850 points.

How to register
We use PayPal. $60 for two Beaky dice or $65 for 6 Beaky dice and a swag bag. Make your payment to:

Put BeakyCon5 in the subject line and state which factions you intend to bring.

We will have some great swag again from companies like Dragon Forge and Secret Weapons Miniatures.

This year Beaky dice will have the World Eaters logo !!!

BeakyCon5 will take place at Darkside Comics in Sarasota the second weekend in October.

We will be using the missions from ATC again this year.

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