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BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 4

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 4

- Accelerated Fire Fight -

Vanguard Strike

Special Mission Rules
Reserves arrive on turns 2 and 3 on 2+ rather than 3+ but cannot be delayed (e.g., Autarch).

Primary Objective 1:
Maelstrom (see table below)

Primary Objective 2:
Purge the Alien*

*Heavy Support are worth 2 kill points each

Secondary Objective:
Table Quarters

NOTE - To hold a table quarter you must have the most scoring units in it. Units must be wholly within a table quarter to count.

Tertiary Objectives:

First Strike - Destroy an enemy unit the first turn.

Last Laugh - Whomever last destroys an enemy unit.

Line Breaker

Roll twice (2d6) on the table below at the beginning of your player turn. You score a maelstrom point the turn you rolled them for each one you score that turn. Whomever scores the most maelstrom points over the course of the game wins this objective. No battle points are awarded for a draw.

1 - Destroy an enemy unit in the assault phase.
2 - Destroy an enemy troop unit.
3 - Have two units in the enemy deployment zone.
4 - Force an enemy unit to fall back.
5 - Destroy an enemy HQ unit.
6 - Destroy an enemy unit in the shooting phase.

Each primary objective is worth 5 battle points. The secondary objective is worth 2 battle points. Each tertiary objective is worth 1 battle point.

NOTE - If a player tables their opponent they automatically score full points (15 battle points).

Game Length:
6 turns.

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