Sunday, June 5, 2016

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 5

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 5

- Eternal War -

Dawn of War

Primary Objective 1:
Emperor's Will

Primary Objective 2:
The Relic

Secondary Objective:
Crush 'Em Hard

Your opponent selects one of their own infantry units which you must destroy. This unit cannot be held in reserve and cannot leave the table during the course of the game, nor can it embark in a bunker or fortification.

Tertiary Objectives:

Exterminate - Destroy all enemy troops.

Last Laugh - Whomever last destroys an enemy unit.

Slay the Warlord

Each primary objective is worth 5 battle points. The secondary objective is worth 2 battle points. Each tertiary objective is worth 1 battle point.

NOTE - If a player tables their opponent they automatically score full points (15 battle points).

Game Length:
5 turns.

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