Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Missions Format § Overall Scoring System

Hi y'all

I am going to post my proposed missions format for the GT. Feel free to let me know what you think as I'm open to any good suggestions. Note that my system is based upon how other tournament organizers are running their GTs such as Adepticon, NOVA and WarGamesCon (formerly known as BoLScon).


Win|Loss System
There are no ties - you either win or lose each round. There will enough rounds played so at the end of the second day there is one player who is undefeated and is crowned the Warmaster (i.e., Best General).

Multiple Objectives
Each mission will have three objectives. Whichever player wins the most objectives in a mission wins the game. Two objectives for each mission will come from the main rulebook (i.e., Capture & Control, Seize Ground and Annihilation). The third objective will be something different such as table quarters or have the most scoring units in your opponent's deployment zone. So for example if one player takes one of the objectives and the other two objectives are drawn then that player wins the game. If both players draw on the three objectives then the tie breaker goes to pure victory points - that is whichever player has the most victory points wins the game.

At the start of the tournament you'll be given two red Beaky poker chips to use as objective markers for Seize Ground and one black Beaky poker chip to use as an objective marker for Capture and Control. You'll also be given some Beaky dice. These are for you to keep as mementos from the GT.

Deployment comes from the main rulebook - Dawn of War, Pitched Battle or Spearhead. We might also use the old Cleanse deployment from 4th edition as well (i.e., diagonal lines across the table).

Number of Turns per Round
There will be six turns per round - no random game length. Each round is 2.5 hours long. You will be notified when there are 30 minutes left to play. Don't start a turn both players can't finish.

Overall Battle Points Scoring
Each round you will record if you won or lost and how many objectives you took. The total number of objectives scored over the course of the tournament is to track how well you did overall and place players from 2nd to last place for battle points.

You will also record how many turns you were able to play each round.

Pairings are random the first round and you can submit a list of your friends you came with so you don't have to play them during the first round (no more than up to five friends can be submitted). Pairings will be based on the Swiss system after the first round. For example if you are 3 - 0 after the first three rounds then you'll play someone else with three wins in the fourth round. That is, you'll always play someone else with the same record (wins and losses) each round after the first round.

Army Composition
There is no composition so you can design your army however you wish with no penalties or restrictions. You do have to follow the guidelines for the standard force organization chart (FOC) in the main rulebook.

I'm still working on how this will be scored. I like this system:

1) Did your opponent arrive at least five minutes early to the table for your game? (1 pt)
2) Did your opponent provide you with their army list (legible and simple to understand) prior to the roll for deployment? (1 pt)?
3) Did your opponent bring their own dice, measuring tape and templates? (1 pt)
4) Did your opponent work with you in a friendly manner to resolve any disputes of the rules? (1 pt)
5) Did your opponent play the game in timely fashion? (1 pt)

You will also be asked at the end of the tournament who was your most favorite opponent - this will be used for tie breakers if necessary to decide who wins the Best Sportsmanship award.

Battle Points versus Soft Scores
Battle points and soft scores are separated:

• The Best General award is based solely upon battle points.
• The Player's Choice award is based solely upon votes from players for their favorite army.
• The Best Army award is based solely upon a set of criteria scored by a panel of judges.
• The Best Sportsmanship award is based solely upon the players' scoring of their opponents.

Should there be an award for the Best Overall player? This would be awarded to whomever scored highest collectively for battle points, army appearance and sportsmanship. If there is enough feedback to support this award then it will be added as a fifth and the top award.

Any player cannot win more than one award total.

That's it for now - please let me know what you think.



  1. I think this is a very well thought out format, taking into consideration many of the complaints of various events in recent years.

    A W/L format stays simple, keeping the missions/deployment simple (as in from the BRB) with only 1 addition (which could easily be ignored in some instances and still allow victory).

    Best Overall: Would this be ranked over Best General?

    If the final rankings were:

    Best Overall (Gaming, Painting, Sports)
    Best General (Gaming)
    2nd-Xth place
    Player's Choice
    Best Army

    Best Sportmanship is the only 1 I do not like. The Sportsmanship format you've listed should garner most players 5 points with a few at a 4 [if they do not amicably decide on rules]...As I've said before good sportmanship is something that is expected and required for us as adults and really shouldn't be otherwise rewarded except as a part of an excellent gaming experience. The better use for that criteria would be to use it in the Best Overall/Best General and dock negative players...sure you may have won all of your games but if you were a jerk while doing it and potentially causing other players to want to not attend the event again in the future then no I do not want to reward you with the top prize. D-bags should never win while being D-bags.

  2. Well there has been some feedback and it seems like people want an award for best overall so we will include it. As far as sportsmanship goes - same thing. It's basically another award... Hopefully everyone will be a good sport and I think that will be the case so I don't we have to worry about any troubles there.

    As far as best overall vs. best general and where they rank they'll both win lots of prize support and receive the free invitation to GW's tourney - Throne of Skulls.