Friday, June 24, 2011

This coming week... some announcements

I will be out of the country next week (Sunday through Thursday). I can check email and the Internet in the evenings. Note that I won't able to put an [X] by newly registered players in the registration list until I get back - iPad has a problem with the Blogger interface. If you register next week I'll send you an email to let you know you are registered, so no problem - we've got you covered. xD

The cutoff is 32 players - 5 rounds will produce one player with an undefeated record for the Best General award. So if you are planning to attend don't wait too long is my advice as it's filling up fast.

There will also be awards for Best Overall, Best Army, Players' Choice and Best Sportsmanship as well - all winners will receive trophies plus ample prize support. It's looking like we will be able to hand out some nice door prizes too.

Anthem Games
This August there is going to be an informal get together one evening at Anthem Games in Tampa. Come out, play some pickup games and meet other players who'll be attending the GT.

Have a nice weekend.


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