Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PayPal is Up Now - Registration is Open

The PayPal button is over at the top of the right hand column along with instructions underneath how to register. Make sure to send me an email at moodhoney@yahoo.com with the following information once you have registered:

* Full Name
* Army you will bring
* City|Town & State where you live

The registration fee is $35 for everyone!



  1. So tempted, love the dice and chips you have had created. Long trip for me and would mean getting a huge amount of painting done. Is there any possibility of paying to get a set of the dice/chips individually?

  2. I would love to but then I'd have to let everyone else - a lot of people have expressed the same interest as yours. You don't have to bring a fully painted army to play in the GT so please keep that in mind.