Monday, May 2, 2016

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 1

- Red Skies at Dawn -

Hammer and Anvil

Special Mission Rules:
Night Fight 1st Turn

Primary Objective 1:
The Relic

Primary Objective 2:
Purge the Alien*

*Troops are worth 2 kill points each

Secondary Objective:
Table Quarters

NOTE - To hold a table quarter you must have the most scoring units in it. Units must be wholly within a table quarter to count.

Tertiary Objectives:

First Strike - Destroy an enemy unit the first turn.

Last Laugh - Whomever last destroys an enemy unit.

Line Breaker

Each primary objective is worth 5 battle points. The secondary objective is worth 2 battle points. Each tertiary objective is worth 1 battle point.

NOTE - If a player tables their opponent they automatically score full points (15 battle points).

Game Length:
5 turns then a 6th and final turn on a D6 roll of 4+.

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