Saturday, May 7, 2016

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 3

NOTE - Normal mission rules always apply unless otherwise specified, for example infiltrate and scout. Only the objectives called out in each mission counts towards scoring battle points.

Commissar Ulrikk's Revenge

- Cold as Ice -

Dawn of War

Special Mission Rules:
Null Zone - Roll a d6 for each unit arriving from reserve. They add +1 to their reserve roll on an even number and -1 on an odd number.

Primary Objective 1:

Place one objective marker in the center of the table and one in the center of each table quarter (5 total). Whomever controls the most objective markers at the end of the game wins this objective.

Primary Objective 2:
Purge the Alien*

*Fast Attack are worth 2 kill points each

Secondary Objective:

Destroy the opponent's highest point unit. If there are more than one equal to the same number of points you can select which unit to secure this objective.

Tertiary Objectives:

Gut 'Em - Destroy all enemy troops.

King of the Hill - One of your HQ controls the central objective marker at the end of the game (cannot be contested).

Last Laugh - Whomever last destroys an enemy unit.

Each primary objective is worth 5 battle points. The secondary objective is worth 2 battle points. Each tertiary objective is worth 1 battle point.

NOTE - If a player tables their opponent they automatically score full points (15 battle points).

Game Length:
5 turns then a 6th and final turn on a D6 roll of 4+.

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