Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BeakyCon 6 Sample Mission 2

- Control and Destroy -

Vanguard Strike

Special Mission Rules:

Primary Objective 1:
Control and Destroy

Place an objective marker in your deployment zone after your opponent has finished deploying their army but prior to infiltrate and scout moves.

You must control your objective marker at the end of the game and to do so you must control it during the last two game turns.

You must also destroy your opponent's objective marker. Objective markers counts as armor 13 all around, have 4 hull points each plus the It Will Not Die and Stealth USRs and are immune to Armorbane. A weapon's AP has no effect on the objective markers and their armor value cannot be increased or decreased by any means. Gravitron and Haywire weapons have no effect on the objective markers.

You must both control your own objective marker and destroy your opponent's to score this objective.

Primary Objective 2:
Purge the Alien*

*Heavy Support are worth 2 kill points each

Secondary Objective:
Slay the Warlord

Tertiary Objectives:

First Strike - Destroy an enemy unit the first turn.

Line Breaker

Last Laugh - Whomever last destroys an enemy unit.

Each primary objective is worth 5 battle points. The secondary objective is worth 2 battle points. Each tertiary objective is worth 1 battle point.

NOTE - If a player tables their opponent they automatically score full points (15 battle points).

Game Length:
5 turns then a 6th and final turn on a D6 roll of 4+.

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